Carrie Branovan

Taking a fond look back at my album “A Collection of Songs Composed with Family & Friends” from 1997 that my son Ellie and I co-produced, and the amazing photography done on that album by Carrie Branovan

Collection 1

collection 1 - back



These are just a few highlights from that session with Carrie Branovan.

A big thank you to Carrie for her help and support for all of my projects over the years!!


A Picture History



Left to Right: My dear teacher and mentor Guy Clark, my second album cover (courtesy of Carrie Branovan), Howie Epstein at one of his last concerts after playing with Tom Petty for 15 years, me and my guitar, my son Elie and a smiling picture of myself (courtesy of Carrie Branovan), and Howie during one of our band’s practice sessions (1978)!