About Robin

Robin Rothschild is a singer, song writer, guitarist, recording studio owner, producer, and music publisher who started at the age of twelve (many many years ago) and started her music career by singing and performing with her three younger sisters under the name of “Rosefelt Sisters”. Since the 1960’s she has played and studied with many acclaimed musicians such as Guy Clark and Peter Gardner. She has since gone on to perform and record with other performing artists such as Frankie Avalon, Howie Epstein, Leslie West, and was an opening act for John Prine. Robin loves to sing in many different languages; including English, French, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Hebrew and Yiddish and has enjoyed playing in many places around the world. Now with grandchildren, she has passed the talent and love for music to three generations. She believes that this is the true nature of folk music; a story passed down from generation to generation, constantly evolving and growing. She has received honorable mentions for many of her songs and recordings from the Mid Atlantic Song Competition. She also took second place at the 2013 Winnfield Bluegrass Festival for her song, "Reach For The Sky". Her latest solo release, Robins Rockin' Children’s Music, is Robin’s third album, and by far her favorite. The highlight of all her years in music has been making this album with her daughter Chloe, son Elie, granddaughter Zahra and her dear friends Jeff Scroggins (national bluegrass banjo champion 8 years standing) and his son Tristan Scroggins (mandolin virtuoso). The artwork for Robins Rockin' Children’s Music was designed by Robins other granddaughter Sofia. They are truly a family that loves to be creative! Enjoy!

New GRAMMY season

It is Grammy season and I just submitted two releases I have been working on. First is my new album, Robin’s Rockin’ Children’s Album Volume II. The second, titled Fingers To The Bone, was recorded by my son, Elie, and mixed and mastered here in Colorado. If you’re a GRAMMY voting member, please consider them come ballot time, and if you are not, check them out anyway and I hope you enjoy them!

I have also been playing out a lot lately and jamming with some amazing musicians!

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Grammy Voting Season!

I am proud to announce that this Grammy Season my latest album, Reach For The Sky, is being considered in the FOLK category! This is a long time dream for me and it is fun just to get involved in the Grammy process.

For all of you NARAS members out there, don’t forget me when it comes time to vote!

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Grammy voting is open!!

The first round of nominations for this year’s Grammy Awards is now open and I want to remind all of my NARAS and Grammy friends to please remember to vote to nominate my latest folk release, “Reach For The Sky” in the Best Folk Album category.

I am now getting a lot of radio airplay throughout the US and Canada and as far as Germany for this collection of songs and I am just ecstatic.

I just uploaded the entire album to my soundcloud page for listening pleasure! Go check them out:


And don’t forget to vote! 🙂


Carrie Branovan

Taking a fond look back at my album “A Collection of Songs Composed with Family & Friends” from 1997 that my son Ellie and I co-produced, and the amazing photography done on that album by Carrie Branovan

Collection 1

collection 1 - back



These are just a few highlights from that session with Carrie Branovan.

A big thank you to Carrie for her help and support for all of my projects over the years!!


Annie Savage’s New Method Book

At our print shop, I recently printed a new music method book for my friend, Annie Savage. Annie is the best fiddle player west of the Mississippi, with a phenomenal voice to boot, and has decided to share her musical genius with anyone who wants to learn from her. Her new book is titled, Savage Fiddler Method Book and Online Lesson Method, and works as a supplement to her existing online lesson program (http://savagefiddler.com/lessons/).

To get your copy, and check out Annie’s lessons, music, and everything else she does, contact Annie on her website at http://savagefiddler.com/