9/11 – Never Forget You

After 9/11 I wrote and recorded a song called Never Forget You and sent it to Laura Bush. This is her hand signed thank you card and the song I wrote.

Hand-signed note from Laura Bush, First Lady to 43rd President George W. Bush
Never Forget You by Robin Rothschild

New GRAMMY season

It is Grammy season and I just submitted two releases I have been working on. First is my new album, Robin’s Rockin’ Children’s Album Volume II. The second, titled Fingers To The Bone, was recorded by my son, Elie, and mixed and mastered here in Colorado. If you’re a GRAMMY voting member, please consider them come ballot time, and if you are not, check them out anyway and I hope you enjoy them!

I have also been playing out a lot lately and jamming with some amazing musicians!

Facebook 2

Grammy Voting Season!

I am proud to announce that this Grammy Season my latest album, Reach For The Sky, is being considered in the FOLK category! This is a long time dream for me and it is fun just to get involved in the Grammy process.

For all of you NARAS members out there, don’t forget me when it comes time to vote!

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 11.51.57 AM

Grammy voting is open!!

The first round of nominations for this year’s Grammy Awards is now open and I want to remind all of my NARAS and Grammy friends to please remember to vote to nominate my latest folk release, “Reach For The Sky” in the Best Folk Album category.

I am now getting a lot of radio airplay throughout the US and Canada and as far as Germany for this collection of songs and I am just ecstatic.

I just uploaded the entire album to my soundcloud page for listening pleasure! Go check them out:


And don’t forget to vote! 🙂


Carrie Branovan

Taking a fond look back at my album “A Collection of Songs Composed with Family & Friends” from 1997 that my son Ellie and I co-produced, and the amazing photography done on that album by Carrie Branovan

Collection 1

collection 1 - back



These are just a few highlights from that session with Carrie Branovan.

A big thank you to Carrie for her help and support for all of my projects over the years!!