Grammy voting is open!!

The first round of nominations for this year’s Grammy Awards is now open and I want to remind all of my NARAS and Grammy friends to please remember to vote to nominate my latest folk release, “Reach For The Sky” in the Best Folk Album category.

I am now getting a lot of radio airplay throughout the US and Canada and as far as Germany for this collection of songs and I am just ecstatic.

I just uploaded the entire album to my soundcloud page for listening pleasure! Go check them out:

And don’t forget to vote! 🙂


Check Out Our New (and first) Music Video!

Check out our new video —  Rockin to the Beat.  It’s the first single from my upcoming album: Rockin’ Robins Children’s Songs. The video features three generations of my family.  My son Elie (ukelele), daughter Chloe (banjo) and my granddaughter Zahra (ukelele) are all integral to this song and my music.  Also featured are my friend and music buddy Jeff Scroggins, on banjo, and his son Tristan on mandolin.